At Merit Embroidery, we only deliver work of great merit.

Whether you are looking for precision digitizing, high quality embroidery or trying to capture all the small details in your heat pressed logo, Merit Embroidery has the equipment, experience and techniques to meet all your apparel decorating needs.

  • About Us

    Merit Embroidery is one of the largest wholesale embroidery houses in Western Canada. We have been in the business of apparel decorating for over 20 years serving customers in the local Alberta market as well as all across North America. Our extensive experience in the garment decorating field along with our state of the art machinery allows us to be one of the best in the west. Our 4,600 square feet production facility and warehouse caters to all our small or high volume clients, delivering between 1,000 and 2,000 decorated goods daily!

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  • Services

    Direct embroidery

    Whether it’s a hat or a golf towel or a duffle bag, if we can hoop it, we can embroider it! Our staff has over 30 years of combined embroidery experience which means they know all the tricks of the trade to make the logo look perfect. We stock over 125 shades of Isacord thread to facilitate pantone matching and can stitch designs containing upto 15 thread colors per logo.
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    FR embroidery

    We stock Nomex FR embroidery thread for embroidery on fire retardant safety garments and toques. We have all the equipment to embroider heavy winter safety parkas, coveralls, hoodies and safety vests etc.

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    We use multi-layer felt, chenille and twill appliqué cut to the shape of the logo combined with heavy satin stitch embroidery to seal the edges on sport apparel and bags to get the maximum impact. Applique can also be sewn on bags, towels, caps and toques in addition to wearables.

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    Puff or 3D Embroidery

    Hard foam matching the color of embroidery is used to enhance part(s) of the logo to give it a 3-dimentional look. Over the last 20 years, we have mastered the special techniques to digitize as well as embroider the logo in puff and have produced thousands of items with hundreds of logos. Typically used on baseball cap fronts, we have also embroidered raised/3D logos on bags, hoodies as well jackets.

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    Crests, Flashes, Patches and Emblems

    We stock high quality twill in black, white, gold, royal, navy, red and forest green to produce patches. In-house merrowing allows us to save time and produce high quality patches in a timely manner. We can cut the patches to the shape of the logo and finish the edges with specialty merrow thread.

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    We are fully equipped to sew on embroidered patches, name bars, woven labels and logos, PVC patches onto garments, safety apparel, scarves, toques and towels etc. We also supply and sew on reflective tape to safety garments like vests, parkas, coveralls and bib overalls.

  • Services

    Heat Press

    In-house heat press service to decorate anything from gloves to umbrellas to chair to raincoats…not to mention all kinds of garments! We use Cad Print, Cad-Cut and ink printing processes.